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$ 10,853,645
Volume 24h
$ 187,834
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DevvE is a cryptocurrency designed to support efforts in addressing environmental and social challenges by creating a financial model to support the operational costs of developing and maintaining the security and transparency of ESG data and assets, and generating funds for investments in green projects that support ESG goals and create additional ESG assets. DevvE is also the platform cryptocurrency for the DevvX blockchain. The DevvX blockchain platform is an ISO-compliant green blockchain due to its ultralow power consumption - with 1/3 billionth the energy consumption of Bitcoin. DevvX is a unique layer 1 blockchain that is comprised of shards, or independent blockchains, that can communicate through a novel cross-shard mechanism. DevvE Utility DevvE has three primary categories of utility that are currently envisioned, but the Forevver Association will look to evaluate other areas of utility over time as well. The following core functionalities of the DevvE Token are available at the token generating event: Providing Trust Through Verification Nodes Funding Worthy ESG Projects to generate ESG Assets Payments
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