zkSwap Finance

8.14 %
Change 24h
Market Cap
$ 8,511,354
Volume 24h
$ 1,871,411
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Total Supply
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What is the project about? zkSwap Finance is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the zkSync Layer 2 scaling solution. It is the first Swap to Earn DeFi DEX that pioneers a unique incentive model rewarding both liquidity providers and traders. What makes your project unique? The Swap2Earn mechanism is an incentivization program that encourages users to engage in token-swapping activities on zkSwap Finance. This initiative fosters a competitive environment among traders while recognizing and rewarding all user participation. In essence, the more you contribute, the more rewards you receive. What exactly is the ZF token? ZF serves as a governance token, granting the community the power to govern the zkSwap Finance ecosystem. In practical terms, individuals who possess ZF tokens have the ability to cast votes on proposals that influence the ongoing initiatives within the ecosystem. To acquire ZF tokens, one can engage in various activities such as participating in Swap2Earn, becoming a Liquidity Provider, or taking part in the Staking Program. Additionally, ZF tokens have versatile utility. They can enhance Swap2Earn, enable participation in the syrup pool to earn rewards, facilitate the creation of exclusive NFTs, boost returns from liquidity pool farming, provide a portion of fee-sharing, and offer even more functionalities.
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